A modular first person racing drone


The private project initially had the purpose to get a new housing for a racing drone I bought. It should include the seperated battery and a FPV (first person view) camera. Due a deeper research on FPV racing drones I decided to expand it to a modular, cheap and upgradeable approach which is completely unseen in this scene. The reactions on the presentation of the drone in various design blogs I decided to start to develope it to a crowdfunding campaign.


Being that drones are often expensive to purchase and repair, the 'airX' flying drone design aims to be a more approachable unit for those looking to foray into the hobby. Designed by Winfried Werthmann, the 'airX' drone is capable of being customized to an extent and features a first-person camera. The rigid exterior shell keeps the internal components and battery pack protected within, while it also helps to resist damage from unexpected crashes. The 'airX' flying drone design features arms and propellers that can be easily replaced for a low cost in order to make the drone more realistic for users to fly more freely with. Being that drones are inherently open to being damaged, this commitment to keeping the price of components low helps to expand the possibilities for anyone to get involved with drone flying.