An ultra thin desk light, 2015/16


OLIGHT is a private project which describes a desk light made for the best working, reading, sketching experience at your desk with the use of the new OLED technology. Aiming not only the best possible way of lightning the desk but also the most simple and easy way of production to sell it on the internet by myself. In technical terms I´m working together with a close friend who is an electrical engineer.


The lamp is made of a flexible OLED-panel which radiate light in many different angles and prevents the cast of shadows. The body is made of 3 layers of aluminium sheets, in total 2mm thin and acts as the touch surface to control on/off and dimming of the light. The foot is made of concrete and gives the lamp a good visual and physical stability regardless of the overhang which moves the foot out of the working area, an annoying problem of most of todays desk lamps.

This is the result.